Ozone layer

Ozone is one of the gases that make up the atmosphere and is mostly concentrated around planet Earth in what is called the Ozone Layer. When this gas is in the stratosphere, it filters ultraviolet radiation, such as type B, harmful to living beings by causing genetic changes in humans (such as mutations and skin […]

Respiratory health and heat waves

This week Airfree shares tips to prevent health problems, especially in extreme heat.  As a result of ongoing climate changes, extreme weather phenomena are becoming more frequent, especially during heat waves, which can lead to increased heat illness, hospital emergencies, and even death.  Children, the elderly, obese people, or those with chronic diseases (diabetes, alcoholism, […]

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated this Saturday, July 28th

Global warming and climate change have created a significant impact on the ocean and all things living in the ocean. There are also island-like remnants of discarded plastic and plastic garbage products that are floating in the Pacific ocean. The tides are now forcing this trash to wash up on the shores and along the […]

How to prepare the air in your home before your baby arrives?

Childcare starts in the mother’s belly. Expecting mothers have a lot to deal with and watch over during the long months of waiting. But have they ever thought how air quality at home is important? The pending birth of a baby creates a lot of mixed emotions from happiness, anticipation, and anxiety.  Will it be a […]

In the summer, respiratory health also needs attention

Summer is the most beloved season for most Americans. After all, the hottest time of the year combines vacation, travel, and fun.  When we think summer we also think of things like swimming pools, plenty of ice cream and cold beverages, and air conditioning. But what is pleasurable for many, can also harm the health […]

World Allergy Day

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million individuals have asthma and 400 million are affected annually by allergic rhinitis. July 8th is World Allergy Day, a date on which the World Health Organization aims to alert the population to the importance of controlling these allergies. The amount of allergic diseases is increasing worldwide, thus […]

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