California’s Drought and Effects on Air Quality


The American Lung Association has recently released their latest report on the country’s air quality and the news is not good for Los Angeles County. In recent years, Los Angeles has made great strides in reducing their air quality by putting in place cleaner public transportation and taking stricter stances on emissions. However, the American Lung Association has revealed it once again has the worst smog among all United States metro areas.

Los Angeles performed worse in the 24 hour rankings this year than it had during the previous year. Researchers credited the worsened air quality to the continuing drought in California. They believe that the heat has increased dust, grass fires, and wild fires which we know can have a negative effect on the environment and climate at large. These occurrences cause high particle days which consist of high ozone and smog levels.


Still, the situation has improved over the last 10 years. “Even the more polluted cities had significantly fewer unhealthy ozone days than they had a decade ago,” the report states. Poor air quality can adversely affect the health of its citizens. The young and old alike can suffer from lung disease, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes due to pollution.


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