Airfree is the world’s MOST TESTED Air Purifier

New Year’s often bring the desire for new opportunities and some of the new things people look to change in a new year are their weight, appearance, maybe a new job, and some looking for a new home.  House hunting and going to open houses is exciting.  When walking through a new home, you may not always know what you should actually be looking for. Mold is often a high priority when looking into potential problems of a new home. Do you know what you should be looking for?

Black, green, white, or blue spots on ceilings and surfaces are the most common sign of mold in a home. Pay special attention to bathrooms and basements as they are the most likely places to find mold. Problems can also occur in closets.

Hot temperatures during the summer and inadequate air conditioners can result in humid conditions that mold thrives in. Make sure that your home is properly dehumidified to prevent mold and mold growth.

You should wear rubber gloves when touching mold and never use your bare hands even when cleaning. A solution of one cup of chlorine and one cup of water is generally effective on most surfaces. You also must eliminate the source of the moisture so that it does not reoccur. Open windows so that the area can dry; do not put objects on surface until it is completely dried.

Inhaling mold particles can result in respiratory problems and diseases. Some common symptoms are nasal congestions, nasal irritation, asthma, rhinitis, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and itchy skin. Certain people such as the elderly, newborns, and immune-suppressed patients are more susceptible to mold infections.

We also highly suggest purchasing an Airfree Air Purifier.   By choosing to use an Airfree Air Purifier you can help clean indoor air, aid in sleeping, and help you breathe easier in your home with clean and smoke free air.   Airfree sterilizes the air without a filter.  Our purifiers are highly effective at reducing the amount of microorganisms and harmful substances from the air has been proven by INETI and dozens of other international laboratories. Airfree air purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odors.

We firmly believe in our company mission –  To combine the best technology and design, to turn our clients’ needs into innovative solutions for indoor atmospheres, whether for health reasons, comfort or to increase productivity.  Check us out at for a purifier that will work best for you.

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