Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms  


People with a dust allergy often sneeze, but sneezing isn’t the only symptom.  Dust allergies can also affect people by causing a stuffy or runny nose and can also cause itchy eyes and make them red and/or water.   Dust allergies make it difficult to breath which can trigger wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and also shortness of breath.  There are some instances that dust can make people very itchy.  Dust allergy sufferers suffer the most when they are inside their own home and/or other people’s homes.  You would think that frequent cleaning and vacuuming your home would help – however that isn’t always true as cleaning stirs up dust particles making them easier to breath in.

Those who suffer from dust allergies can help within their own home by:

  • Keeping pets out of your bedroom
  • Use cases on your mattresses and pillows that offer mite-proof protection
  • Wash your linens and towels in hot water and wash them frequently
  • Remove carpets – especially in the bedroom
  • Install an Airfree Air Purifier

AirFree is an air purifier that sterilizes the air without the use of a filter and allows air to flow in and out while safely and effectively eliminating airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites and mold.   Airfree is the MOST TESTED purifier on the market.  Airfree takes in our indoor air and uses high heat to destroy all airborne particles, allergens, mold spores and microbiological antigens and returns it to the environment, providing you with clean, sterile air.

 We firmly believe in our company mission –  To combine the best technology and design, to turn our clients’ needs into innovative solutions for indoor atmospheres, whether for health reasons, comfort or to increase productivity.  Check us out at www.airfree.com for a purifier that will work best for you.

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