Can Owning a Dog Keep Your Child Asthma-Free?


Nearly everyone loves having a pet and especially a dog.  The dog is officially dubbed “Man’s Best Friend” and that couldn’t be any more true even if you have a child who suffers from asthma.  Extensive research suggests that children who grow up in homes with pets are less likely to develop allergies.  According to the research, scientists who worked with mice found that exposure to house dust from homes with a pet appeared to protect the mice against the common virus RSV.  Children who experienced severe infections during their infancy were linked with an increased risk of developing respiratory problems like asthma later on in life.

This may not always be the case for everyone and those who don’t build up an exposure should not give up on having a pet nor should they give up the pet.  There are ways to live with pets that can reduce the risk of an asthma attack.   Keep in mind the comfort of your family member who suffers should always come first.  Some of the steps include:

  • Groom your pet regularly and keep your home and its furniture free of pet hair and dander
  • Vacuum your home frequently so that you can control the pet dander and hair within your home
  • The best way to prevent an attack is to not allow your pet into your bedroom or limit certain rooms to provide yourself or family member an allergen free area
  • Regularly clean your bedding and your PETS bedding and we also recommend purchasing and using dust-mite covers

The other alternative to living with a pet and controlling asthma is to find a dog that is Hypoallergenic.  All dogs shed and have dander however some dogs shed less than others, keep in mind NO DOG is 100% hypoallergenic!    There are many breeds that do well with allergy sufferers and a simple search on the website can suggest dogs that would be best.

As always, those who suffer from asthma and/or pet related asthma issues should always consult with their physicians.

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