Facts on Smoking


Cigarette smoking is a DIRTY AND DEADLY HABIT.  Six million people die every year because of tobacco.  SIX MILLION.  According to Cancer.org – this figure includes the five million who smoke along with the 600,000 people who don’t smoke but are exposed to second-hand smoke.  Cigarette users are at higher risks of developing lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease, COPD, stroke, diabetes and are at a higher risk of dying.  Quitting tobacco is never easy but it can be done.  There are several benefits to quitting smoking and there are also many support groups to help.   The Great American Smokeout, held on November 17th that is dedicated to raising the awareness of the dangers of smoking and encouraging smokers to quit smoking or make a plan to quit.

Here are some hard and fast facts about smoking:

  • Cigarettes contain arsenic, lead, tar, toilet cleaners and formaldehyde – these are just a FEW of the more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and almost 70 of them cause cancer.
  • Smoking is linked to slowed growth of lung functions in teens.  Teens who smoke cannot run fast or far and can suffer from shortness of breath at a rate of 3 times more than a nonsmoker.
  • Tobacco use harms EVERY ORGAN IN THE BODY.  It accounts for one-third of all cancer deaths.  It has been linked to leukemia, pneumonia and even cataracts.
  • Smoking is the single largest cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S.
  • Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco – it is as addictive as heroin and cocaine.
  • It only takes 8 seconds for nicotine to reach the brain.
  • On average smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.

Stopping smoking is the single most important step that smokers can take to enhance their length and quality of their life.  Smoking affect even the non-smokers in their life.  Quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do, but with the right tools in hand and support, it can be done… you just need to take the first step.

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