Quality indoor air can improve office productivity by 10%


Employers are always trying to find ways to improve productivity with their employees as it is said “happy employees brings happy customers equaling a successful company.”  There are a number of scientific studies indicating that elevated temperatures and poor indoor air quality can negatively affect a workers performance.   A 2013 study from the Technical University of Denmark by indoor climate scientists Wargocki and Wyon revealed that by improving indoor environments can influence work productivity by up to 10%.  A couple of their main findings were that if a company increased their natural daylight exposure and provided natural ventilation to prevent overheating, that it significantly improved employee outcomes.

Not only are these two things better for worker productivity, but it is important to their overall HEALTH.   Allowing employees access to natural daylight is ultra-important and essential to their health.  While accessing natural daylight is easy, providing natural ventilation may not be.  What options are available?  Airfree Air Purifiers can help!  By purchasing and running an Airfree Air Purifier in your office it can destroy even the smallest of airborne microorganisms and reduce indoor air allergens and triggers therefore cleaning the office air allowing for clean and fresh air.

Our Air Purifiers use unique ceramic heating chambers without any ozone being used. An Airfree air purifier destroys airborne allergens such as all types of fungus, including those from dust mite feces, mold spores, and most pollutants in the air.

Remember – Happy Employees brings Happy Customers and that will equal a SUCCESSFUL COMPANY!

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