Bacteria in Corporate Environments


Over the years corporations have made major strides to improve their office environments and choosing wise enhancements for the comfort of their employees.  Our towns, cities and counties are constantly expanding and there are buildings being built or reconstructed to house stores and businesses to what seem like a daily basis.  Growth can cause our outdoor air quality and environment to suffer and believe it or not it can also trickle into our indoor air quality.  Bacteria in our indoor air can cause disease and can trigger respiratory attacks.

Most every office throughout the United States rely on some form of air conditioning and heating system.  Air conditioners and heating systems are a breeding ground for bacteria.  The most common type of disease that is associated with poor air quality is Legionnaires’ Disease.  Legionnaires’ Disease is a disease that spreads bacteria, through mist, from air conditioning units in large buildings.  Adults over the age of 50 and people with weak immune systems, chronic lung disease or are heavy tobacco users are most at risk.   Some of the symptoms of the disease include pain in the chest or muscles, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, fever or chills, shortness of breath, coughing, headache and even confusion.

Those who may suffer from any or all of these symptoms should seek medical attention for an appropriate diagnosis.  Also, strict control of air quality should be a MUST for those who own or operate a corporate environment to ensure that there are no outbreaks of these bacteria and provide their employees with quality air for a quality working environment.

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