Dust Allergies


Those of us who have dust allergies are all too familiar with its symptom – sneezing. Sneezing isn’t the only symptom, dust allergies can also cause a runny or stuffy nose, eyes to become red, watery and itchy along with an overall body itch, wheezing and coughing. Dust allergies can make it difficult for people to breathe and in turn can trigger asthma symptoms.  Some of the more common triggers to dust allergies are dust mites, mold, pollen, cockroaches and pet dander.  Typically people have a flair up when they vacuum, dust and sweep and symptoms can increase when visiting other homes.

The best way to manage and treat dust allergies would be to utilize mite-proof cases on mattresses and pillows, wash bed linens in hot water, keep pets out of bedroom, remove wall-to-wall carpets, especially in the bedroom, and minimize household humidity.  Also another  highly effective way to minimize household contaminated air is to purchase an Airfree Air Purifier.

An Airfree Air Purifier is a natural solution for asthma, mold, respiratory allergy and contaminated air.  It is maintenance free and by running an Airfree Air Purifier in your home, you will destroy even the smallest of airborne microorganisms.  Airfree uses its unique ceramic heating chamber without any ozone being used. An Airfree air purifier destroys airborne allergens such as all types of fungus, including those from dust mite feces, mold spores, and most pollutants in the air.  Airfree safely and effectively cleans the indoor air allowing your pet to breath fresh, clean air!

To learn more about all of our high quality products – please visit our website at: www.airfree.com – Our website offers many topics and videos for you browse through that will provide you with extensive information and research regarding the environment and our products.

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