How is the air quality in your gym?


According to research, there are an estimated 50 million Americans that own a gym membership.  We join a gym to become or stay physically fit and to remain active with the hopes to live a long and healthy life.  Typical practice at a gym is when you use a particular machine or set of weights, that you spray it down and wipe after each use (using the cleaning agent that your gym provides) – this is your gyms way of trying to keep things “clean” and help with the spread of illness and germs.  So your treadmill or step machine may be clean, but have you thought about the air quality in your gym?


Your gym may be harboring gases like carbon dioxide (from exercising patrons), ozone and carbon monoxide along with more common things like dust, chemicals from cleaning products, movement of contaminated air from fans and air conditioners.  Perhaps before choosing a gym or even doing a workout, take a walk through and smell the air and also check to see if the gym is busy.  If the air smells stale, perhaps speak with the manager or owner to see if they can open a window to let some fresher air in or if it is busy to come back at a time when it is less crowded.


It’s summer and what better way to enjoy the season than to spend time outdoors!  If you don’t suffer from allergies then get outside and enjoy one of the favorite times of the year.


Note: This is by no means to deter anyone from visiting their gym, it is simply stated to make you think as the health benefits from exercising outweighs the risk of inhaling indoor pollutants!


We firmly believe in our company mission –  To combine the best technology and design, to turn our clients’ needs into innovative solutions for indoor atmospheres, whether for health reasons, comfort or to increase productivity.  Check us out at for a purifier that will work best for you.

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