Summer Allergies  


Often times people think allergies are just associated with spring but that is furthest from the truth.  In fact, seasonal allergies can affect people all year ‘round thanks to pollen from spring flowers to pollen from grasses and trees.  Summer often brings mold and mildew as most states throughout the U.S. are dealing with heat and humidity.  Don’t forget about those pesky dust mites that live in your carpets, floors and add to it dog, cat and any furry pet dander.

You can track what the allergies are in your area and even see what the allergy forecast is by simply watching or logging onto your local weather TV station or visiting  These sites also provides you with the opportunity to view the breathing index and the mold index, two additional factors in allergy sufferers.

We at Airfree suggests checking the indoor humidity of your home to be sure the conditions are not contributing to the rise in allergens.

Many think that by just shutting the doors and windows they will be able to escape the invisible allergen spores that are in the air all around us, but the truth is the only way to rid the air of it is to sterilize the air. It is estimated that American’s spend nearly 87% of their time indoors!  Airfree has created air purifiers for allergy sufferers while being indoors and they are PROVEN to reduce them significantly.

By using an Airfree Air Purifier you can help clean your homes inside air, aid in sleeping, help you breathe easier and more importantly allow you to live comfortably.  Airfree sterilizes the air without a filter.  They are highly effective at reducing the amount of microorganisms and harmful substances from the air has been proven by INETI and dozens of other international laboratories. Airfree air purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odors.

We firmly believe in our company mission –  To combine the best technology and design, to turn our clients’ needs into innovative solutions for indoor atmospheres, whether for health reasons, comfort or to increase productivity.  Check us out at for a purifier that will work best for you.

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