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3 Ways Air Purifiers Help to Manage Cold and Flu Season

3 Ways Air Purifiers Help to Manage Cold and Flu Season

Do you dread the cold and flu season every year? According to a CDC study, approximately 8% of the US population gets sick from the flu each season.

These viruses spread among the population through tiny droplets. Cold and flu symptoms range from mild to severe, and can even lead to death.

A good air purifier can remove those viruses from the air, helping to reduce the risk of you and your family  getting sick..

Read further to learn how air purifiers can benefit you during the upcoming cold and flu season.

When is the Cold and Flu Season?

The flu season begins when the weather gets colder in the fall, lasting until March or April when spring arrives. Flu activity peaks between the months of December and February. 

You can get the flu any time of year, but most cases happen between October and April in the Northern Hemisphere.

Many people turn to cold and flu medicine to treat their sickness, but prevention is a far more intelligent method. Air purifiers can minimize the threat of viruses entering your body.

Three Ways Air Purifiers Can Help in Winter

Indoor air pollution can cause a number of health problems, but a quality air purifier can do wonders for your well-being throughout the year.

They’re good for combating air pollution and helping those who suffer from allergies and breathing problems. An air purifier can also be very useful in the colder months when cold and flu tend to strike.

1. Removes Harmful Organisms

Bacteria and viruses are tiny organisms that vary in size and can remain in your home for hours or even days. A good air purifier will function by vastly improving the air quality in your home, removing the vast majority of these troublesome particles that can make you sick.

In well-insulated homes, bacteria and viruses can thrive indoors during the winter months due to a lack of air circulation. Our Thermodynamic TSS Technology uses heat to silently destroy microorganisms, thus attaining up to 99.99% air sterilization efficiency. 

2. Simulates Ventilation

During the winter months, it’s normal to make sure our homes are properly insulated against the cold weather outside. We want our homes to be warm and energy-efficient, but the flip side is a lack of fresh air circulation and ventilation.

An air purifier can effectively circulate the air and simulate ventilation. Foreign particles are unable to settle in your home, thus reducing your chances of getting sick.

3. Neutralizes Additional Allergens

Homeowners in winter use a variety of heating methods to keep warm, but they carry potential irritants and allergens. For example, gas fireplaces, furnaces, and space heaters may release toxins into the air.

By using an appropriate air purifier, you can remove the harmful particles while your heating system works.

Enjoy Better Air Quality and Better Health 

The cold and flu season can indeed be a nightmare for some. But it doesn’t have to be. Take the necessary steps to improve the air quality in your home, and you will reap the health benefits.

If you are interested in buying a high-quality air purifier, take a look at our range of outstanding products.

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