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Air Purifier for Homes: Is It Really Worthy?

Air Purifier for Homes: Is It Really Worthy?

Did you know that there is growing evidence that claims that the air inside your home could actually be more polluted than the air outdoors? This is true even if you’re in a highly industrial city. And considering that many people spend around ninety percent of their time inside, it’s clear that being indoors can be more dangerous than we ever would have thought.

This is why it’s so important to consider getting an air purifier for homes and residences. Air purifiers will clean your air and help you breathe better.

In a post-pandemic world where people are extremely conscious of the air they breathe, an indoor air purifier is crucial. And if you have pets, then you’ll also definitely want to look into getting an air purifier. Your home will quickly feel less stuffy and will be more pleasant to breathe in.

So keep on reading and we’ll show you in-depth why you should consider getting an air purifier. 

What Are Air Purifiers for Homes?

An air purifier is a device that’s used indoors to clean the air of various pollutants. These machines were originally used in hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions.

People who are vulnerable or sick can more easily recover from their ailments when they’re breathing in purified air instead of air that’s contaminated with toxins and pollutants. 

But indoor air purifiers aren’t just for medical facilities. You can install these in your home, office, or any other indoor space and improve air quality. 

People who are sensitive to pet dander, pollen, and dust tend to experience significant irritation in most indoor areas. Air purifiers effectively clean the air and make indoor spaces much more accomodating.

Air purifiers can also help protect people from respiratory viruses like the flu and the coronavirus. If someone in your house smokes or if you’re worried about mold, then an air purifier can certainly help with that, too.

Are Air Purifiers for Homes Really Worth It?

Different types of air purifiers use different technologies, but they all aim to purify the air. The most common technology used are filters.

An air purifier works by utilizing a fan that sucks in the room’s air. The air then moves through a variety of filters, and each filter is able to trap a different kind of pollutant.

The filters are usually made out of mesh fibers, like fiberglass or paper.

Filters work by trapping large molecules, like pollen and dust mites. Some filters have a dense network of fibers and multiple layers of complex weaves in order to catch pollutants of different sizes. You can even find filters with activated charcoal that can remove gases and smoke particles. 

After the air has been cleaned of pollutants, the fan pushes the air back into the environment. 

While air purifiers work similarly to dehumidifiers, they are not the same thing. A dehumidifier works by pulling moisture out of the air and isn’t meant to purify the air.

Let’s go over the different kinds of particles and contaminants that an air purifier can effectively neutralize. 


During spring and fall, plants give off a lot of pollen. Pollen can then get into your house through open windows or by hitching a ride on your clothes.

If you have allergies, then pollen can turn your home from a place of comfort to a place of irritation. 


Cats and dogs can leave dander, fur, and other allergens on furniture around the house. Cat litter can also contaminate the air.


No matter how well or often you clean your home, there is always going to be some amount of dust. And whenever you wipe down your counters, shelves, and floors, dust is going to get kicked up and float in the air.

Dust can irritate the lungs, and dust mites can irritate the skin. An air purifier with the appropriate filter is going to suck in this floating dust so that you can breathe more easily. Other technologies do not collect the dust but are able to sterilize the dust that passes through their sterilization system.


Mold can be detrimental to your health and the health of your home. Mold grows in damp areas and can spread through the air. 

If you have mold, particles can move through the air and get into your lungs, causing irritation and breathing problems. This can be especially dangerous if you have babies or young children.

Some air purifiers use UV light, which can be useful for bacteria or mold. However, UV light is only usually effective against large particles that are very close to the light source, so there air purifiers are not foolproof.  

Bad Odors

Bad odors are composed of molecules that float in the air. By sucking them out of the air, your home will feel and smell fresher.

You’ll notice the power of your air purifier if you cook pungent food or have a smoker in the home.  

Are There Any Disadvantages in Air Purifiers for Homes?

The main disadvantage of having an air purification system with filters is the maintenance of filter replacement and the noise generated by the fan. Filters collect dust and can become dirty, so eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. Without proper maintenance, your air purifier won’t be as effective as it could be.

If you’re worried about the recurring expenses that come with a traditional air purifier, then you might want to consider a filterless air purification system. As the name implies, these are air purifiers that work without filters.

If you’re a “set it and forget it” kind of person, then you should look into this kind of system.

Here at Airfree, we specialize in filterless, silent air purification systems.

If it seems like you might be interested in filterless air purifiers, then we’d like to recommend that you consider Babyair.  What’s neat about this air purifier is that it uses starry night light projection that creates a pleasant and soothing interactive environment. It’s recommended for rooms up to 450 square feet.

We’d also like to recommend Lotus. This device changes color and opens its petals, drawing inspiration from the lotus flower.

The Importance of Air Purifier for Homes

In order to lead happy, healthy lives, we need to breathe in healthy air. In today’s world, the best way to guarantee that you’re breathing clean air is to use an air purification system.

By getting an air purifier for homes, you’ll be able to protect your immune system, reduce allergic reactions, and have a home that feels clean and fresh.

Air filters are affordable and effective. If you’re interested in more information about air purifiers for homes and amazing air purification systems, contact us today!

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