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Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association (VDTA)

We are pleased to announce that we had a successful visit at the 2017 Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) Show that was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 12 to February 14th. During the event, … Continue reading

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Asthma Statistics

Below are facts on asthma pulled directly from the World Health Organization (WHO) site: Facts According to WHO estimates, 235 million people suffer from asthma. Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children. Asthma is not just a public … Continue reading

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 Health Effects – Problems Resulting from Mold

Mold — In addition to the unpleasant appearance and overall nuisance that mold can cause as it damages materials and the smell that we may encounter, these fungi can also cause problems, some serious, to our health.  One of the … Continue reading

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What are Some Signs of Mold Illness?

Would you know the difference if you were sick from a cold, flu or virus or if in fact you were sick from mold?  Mold can cause serious health problems especially when it is in your home or workplace.  Mold … Continue reading

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We know that people can suffer from allergies to pets, dogs or cats that live in our home.  But did you know that your pet can also suffer from allergies? In this article we share a different approach, showing that … Continue reading

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Did you know that a live Christmas tree can also cause issues for asthmatics and those allergic to mold?

With Christmas only days away, people have now begun taking out their boxes of ornaments and décor to which they will strategically place around their home.  More often than not, people store their holiday treasures in attics, basements and eaves … Continue reading

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