Exercise and Workouts: Outdoors or at the Gym?

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Outdoor and indoor pollutants surround us, and air quality is often on the minds of those who work out. Where is the best place to exercise? What are the benefits and disadvantages of exercising outdoors versus indoors?

According to experts, gyms can contain gases such as carbon dioxide (released by members), ozone and carbon monoxide, along with more common elements such as dust or chemical cleaning agents – also, continuous circulation of air contaminated by fans and air conditioners.

While working out outdoors, one may have to consider high temperatures, humidity, and insects. Experts suggest that there are visual incentives in an outdoor environment that provides advantages for specific sports, such as running or cycling. It is always best to consider the type of exercise you will be doing to determine if you should workout indoors or out. 

Things to consider when working out


Ideally, the relative humidity should be above 60%. Otherwise, the air dries the throat and affects the airways, which can result in difficulty breathing. Therefore, if you are training outdoors, choose a time with mild temperatures to avoid fatigue and possible dehydration. 


When exercising outdoors, you are prone to air pollution. Choose cooler places, near trees or in parks. Exercise should be avoided near cars or busy streets. According to experts, smoke and soot can cause the same damage as cigarettes. The World Health Organization recognizes that while there is air pollution in a gym, it is at lower levels than working outdoors. 


Many people believe that more clothing they put on, the higher the calorie burn. But this is not true, because the body dehydrates and loses water, leading to early fatigue. And consequently, the person stops exercising faster.

Exercise is essential for the human body! Whether outdoors or indoors, more endorphins mean a wonderful sense of well-being. Get out there and exercise!! 


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