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Do you know the five R’s of environmental protection?

five R's of environmental protection

to think about ways that can make a difference in the fight for sustainability

It is essential to think about ways that can make a difference in the fight for sustainability. with the five R’s of environmental protection, here are some simple actions you can apply in your daily routine:


The firs of the five R’s

Rethink: Do you really need everything you buy daily? Do you sometimes consume on impulse and end up wasting? Instead of buying new things all the time, why not trying to reuse or purchase something that is gently used? 


Refuse: Refuse plastic bags and non-recyclable packaging, as well as aerosols and incandescent light bulbs. Choose products from companies that are committed to environmental health. Try your best to refuse or use less packaged products.


Reuse: Create handcrafted products from glass packs, paper, plastic, metal, CDs, etc. Always use both sides of the paper, make notepads from scraps and reutilize packaging papers to protect the environment, extending the lifetime of these products.


Reduce: Consume fewer products. Purchase refillable products, buy in bulk, use rechargeable batteries, and LED or CFL light bulbs.


Recycle: At home, organize your trash disposal with three trash cans: One for recyclables, other for non-recyclables, and another for organic materials. Glass and metal packaging are 100% recyclable, so use it as much as you can.

For products such as cooking oil, batteries, or old household products, never throw them in a regular trash can. Find a nearby trash collection center to dispose of it.

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