5 Surprising Health Benefits of an Air Filter: How it Works

5 Surprising Health Benefits of an Air Filter: How it Works

While your house is built to protect you from the outside dangers, spending too much time inside might expose you and your family to harmful indoor air pollutants and particles that can cause or exacerbate lung-related illnesses.

In light of the fact that indoor air can contain up to five times as many impurities as outside air, the potential of an air purifier is alluring. It is designed to purify the air in your house by removing all contaminants such as pet dander, smoke, odors, and dust.

Air purifiers are excellent at getting rid of harmful particles in the air, making indoor activities much safer. Continue reading to learn how the air filter works and why it is beneficial to your health.

How Do Air Filters Work?

An air purifier consists of an air filtration system with a filter and a fan that draws in and circulates air. The process involves filtering air as it passes through the filter, which traps pollutants and other impurities, and then recirculating the air back into the living environment. In order to retain their effectiveness, filters require regular replacement.

Do You Always Need to Change the Filter?

An air purification system is a symbol of good health and well-being to have both at home and at the office. Most models on the market, however, require a new filter every few months or so to keep up with the demands of the customer.

A decent rule of thumb for these devices is to change the filters every 6 to 12 months, though the exact interval depends on the number of users and the number of animals present in the environment.

Is There a Way to Clean the Air Without a Filter?

Absolutely! It all depends on the model of the air cleaning device in use. For instance, Airfree appliances have a cutting-edge air purification technology. It eliminates the need for the filter, minimizing hassle and wasted time from frequent replacements and labor-intensive maintenance.

How Do Air Airfree Purifiers Work?

In contrast to conventional air purifiers, AirFree employs heat to destroy allergies and other dangerous bacteria rather than merely filtering them. This indicates that no harmful byproducts, like as ozone, are produced during the filtering process.

Airfree’s cutting-edge technology eliminates bacteria and pollutants from an indoor environment in a split second. As much as 20,000 liters of air pass through the Airfree device each and every hour, ensuring that all the air in the room is disinfected in a short period of time.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Air Filters

1. Reduce Sensitivity to Allergens

Air purifiers can help alleviate the symptoms of allergies. An air purifier in your house can help remove pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens from the air, making it easier for you to breathe.

2. Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Air purifiers provide a gentle, ocean-like sound that might help you fall asleep at night. Air purifiers produce pink noise, which is similar to white noise but less powerful. Higher frequencies make it easier for your hearing to adapt to pink noise, which can become practically unnoticed at times.

3. Kill Germs

While the majority of air purifiers function to remove pollutants or dangerous elements that may enter your house, some air purifiers contain ultraviolet light, which enables them to gather and destroy germs much quicker and more efficiently.

These UV light purifiers go above and beyond standard air purifiers to actually destroy germs rather than just filter them out, helping you keep yourself and your family safe.

4. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Air purifiers may also reduce stress by eliminating the airborne contaminants that circulate and raise your stress levels. Your stress levels are almost certainly greater than they would be if you lived in a clean-air environment. Additionally, it relieves anxiety and stress to know that you are making your home environment safe and healthy by taking precautionary actions.

5. Relieve Symptoms of Asthma

Air purifiers are among the finest tools for reducing or eliminating asthma symptoms since they remove all of the pollutants from the air that might cause an asthma attack. A purified air supply implies that you are breathing in only pure air, eliminating any contaminants from your environment.

What is the Most Innovative Air Purification System on the Market?

Airfree’s air purification system has to be the most innovative purification system on the market. It doesn’t rely on a filter to purify the air; instead, the air passes through a chamber that sterilizes it with 400 °F heat.

This cutting edge technology removes microscopic contaminates from the air, such as allergen-inducing dander mites, viruses, pollen, and ozone, which is toxic to people and can cause irreversible damage to the lungs.

Airfree devices don’t require any maintenance because of the effectiveness and practicality of this technology, which allows for improved user comfort and quality at the best possible cost.

How Does It Work?

Airfree’s technology purifies the air in a perfectly silent operation. The patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology system employs heat in a similar way to boiling water to destroy bacteria, viruses, pollen, or other organic allergens that cause allergies.

Airfree’s air purifiers pull in the air and maintain heating until there is enough heat to kill any common bacteria or viruses. The clean air is then cooled and circulated throughout the room. The heating process that takes place inside the air purifier makes it warm rather than hot.

No Irritating, Vibrating, or Loud Noises

It is no secret that air purifiers are frequently intrusive, noisy, and vibrate continuously. Even though the majority of contemporary air purifiers are rather quiet, if you have sensitive hearing, you could still find the gentle hum of a modern air purifier a bit annoying. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Airfree’s air purifiers.

Airfree devices operate in complete silence since they don’t have fans or require fan power to run. These devices don’t make any noticeable sounds, and you’ll probably forget they’re even there. Plus, Airfree devices come with a mood light that relieves tension while complementing your home’s décor.

Discover the Airfree Modern Models Available


The Airfree Tulip is a silent, filter-free air purifier that sterilizes by getting rid of the primary allergens and respiratory irritants that cause asthma and hay fever. It TSS method has been tested and proven to get rid of various bacteria and the COVID-19 virus. It eliminates germs, fungus, viruses, pollen, pet allergies, dust mite allergens, and other organic air pollutants up to 99.99 %.

With its thin and elegant design and a selection of 10 light colors, the Airfree Tulip offers great performance. Even in the tiniest rooms, you may alter these hues to fit your mood and your home’s style. Plus, it’s suitable for rooms up to 450 ft².


With its award-winning and unique design, the Airfree Lotus offers a breath of pure inspiration. It removes pollutants and microorganisms from indoor air in a non-invasive and environmentally friendly manner.

Combining an eye-catching design with cutting-edge technology that offers flexibility in opening the device’s pedals and change of colors, the Airfree Lotus is inspired by the lotus flower’s outstanding beauty as well as its mystery.

Is the Lotus the Right Device for Your Home?

If you want to get rid of mold, germs, and odors in an area up to 650 square feet, then this device is ideal for you. The Airfree Lotus can get rid of those pesky and pervasive odors that simply won’t go away.

The Airfree P

At enticing prices ranging from $219 to $329, the Airfree P introduces a terrific design that has subsequently been adopted by the company’s flagship models. Additionally, it is a fair price for an exclusive technology that you can’t find anywhere else.

Unlike other air purifiers, the Airfree P doesn’t have a physical HEPA filter. It utilizes a unique technology that is exclusively present in Airfree devices.


Airfree Babyair employs proprietary, quiet, and maintenance-free TSS technology. Babyair provides the one-of-a-kind Starry Night light projection, which creates a pleasant and relaxing interactive atmosphere. It is suitable for rooms up to 450 ft².

Airfree T

The Airfree T is the ideal air purifier for compact spaces. With a modest and sleek appearance, this model provides the same performance and efficiency as Airfree’s other models while taking up no valuable room space. It is best suited to areas of up to 16 m².

Take a Deep Breath of Inspiration with Airfree Air Purifers

Airfree air purifiers employ a revolutionary ceramic heating chamber to kill even the smallest airborne microorganisms without using ozone.

For example, viruses are destroyed at 150°F, and because they are smaller than 1 millimeter, AirFree outperforms most standard HEPA filters. An Airfree air purifier eliminates airborne allergens such as all varieties of fungus, including those found in dust mite feces, fungal spores, and proteins found in pet dander without creating toxic by-products or gases.

AirFree has achieved an 85 percent decrease in allergens in the ambient air, which is what truly matters, rather than at the AirFree air outlet. Furthermore, it has no filters and requires no maintenance, which is a significant cost savings over standard air purifiers that frequently require replacement filters.

Plus, the AirFree operates in complete silence and still gets the job done, which makes it perfect for the office or individuals who are troubled by sounds in their bedrooms at night.

Browse Airfree’s air purifiers to find the perfect match for your home or office.


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