How to Protect the Ozone Layer


Ozone is one of the gases that make up the atmosphere and is mostly concentrated around planet Earth in what is called the Ozone Layer. That’s why we are here with measures to protect the ozone layer.

When this gas is in the stratosphere, it filters ultraviolet radiation, such as type B, harmful to living beings by causing genetic changes in humans.

September 16th is recognized as World Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which aims to alert the population about the use of products that release harmful elements to this protective layer.

See in this infographic regarding concerns about the ozone which is very important for our planet:

THE DISCOVERY: The ozone hole was discovered in the polar regions in 1985, and the cause was identified by the accumulation of CFCs, widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. After this was announced, global agreements were signed to protect this layer, such as the Vienna Convention in 1985 and the Montreal Protocol in 1987.

EARTHS DISTANCE: 90% of the ozone molecules constitute the layer that surrounds and protects Earth from UV-B rays. This layer is between 12 and 20 miles away from the Earth’s surface.

HOW TO PROTECT: It is significant to know that the preservation of the environment as a whole is crucial for the benefit of our lives and also for future generations.

Replace CFC products: Generally sprays, refrigeration appliances, and fire extinguishers may contain chlorofluorocarbon, which is very harmful to the ozone layer. Look for duly certified products that do not emit this pollutant.

Replace old appliances: Products manufactured before 1995 use CFCs.  Any leaks will release chemicals into the atmosphere. Do not forget to dispose of your products properly and safely.

protect the ozone layer

This amazing and awesome infographic that let you know how to protect of Ozone layer is designed by Airfree. We hope that you will understand it and let a helping hand to protect this important layer of our atmosphere.


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