Billions at risk from home air pollution

A study was recently released that nearly three billion people are at risk for ill health and early death due to breathing polluted air in their homes caused by fires that are used for cooking and heating. Around forty percent of the world’s population use wood, charcoal, and/or coal to warm, light and cook in […]

Classroom Mayhem

School age kids have a lot of energy and the mayhem returns to the classroom with them. But the noise level is not the only thing that returns to school, so do the germs they have and viruses they carry. Sick days add up fast and missing class can make it difficult for students and […]

H1N1’s Comeback

Recently H1N1, commonly known as swine flu, has been making a comeback through Australia.  Three-quarters of the over 21,000 reported influenza cases were the H1N1 strain. It is currently the predominate virus there. It is also known as the new influenza A(H1N1) virus as it had not circulated among humans previously. What makes H1N1 different […]

Beware of Wildfire Aftereffects!

When the weather is dry, wildfires can destroy forests and land. The delicate ecosystems become unbalanced after a wildfire and animals are forced to find new homes. One effect of wildfires is the smoke they create that devastates air quality. Dry weather can wreak havoc on the air but combined with this smoke it can […]

Breathe easy at sea

Basements and bathrooms are not the only places where musty smells can develop. Boats are also likely to develop stale air, particularly in the hull and cabin areas. Molds, mildew and bacteria  develop in the dark, enclosed areas. The presence of moisture amplifies these pollutants. Be sure that even small leaks are properly sealed as […]

The Mold Lookout

When walking through a new home, you may not always know what you should actually be looking for. Mold is often a high priority when looking into potential problems of a new home. Do you know what you should be looking for?  Black, green, white, or blue spots on ceilings and surfaces are the most […]

Pregnancy and Air Quality

Women’s lifestyles tend to change significantly when they are pregnant. They cut back on caffeine, avoid certain foods, eat healthier, and try to walk more. One area that is often overlooked is the quality of air they breathe every day. Air quality has a noteworthy effect on the health of mother and baby and should […]


Fireworks create loud noise and flashes of colorful light the fill the sky. But that’s not all. Fireworks also create soot, ash, smoke, and metals. These not only cause detriment to your environment but also your health. These health problems can occur in those with existing respiratory problems, the elderly and young children. In order […]

Summertime Triggers

During the summer, kids are either at home, at camp, visiting relatives, or visiting friends. The free time they have during the summer allows them to experience things they don’t always get to during the school year. There are some triggers associated with the summer months that can cause allergy and asthma symptoms in kids and […]

Summer air quality

If you reside in a city, you may have noticed that when the temperatures start to rise the quality of the air you breathe declines and severe air quality alerts pop up overnight. The formation of ozone increases during sunny weather with warm temperatures, especially when there are certain pollutants already present. These pollutants are […]

Returning to your Summer House

Coming back to your summer house after a long absence is often filled with memories, planning, and more often than is realized, potential health concerns. Mold and bacteria thrive in damp, enclosed environments. Homes near forests have a higher risk of developing mold due to a high concentration of mold colonies and high relative humidity. […]

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is June 5th! World Environment Day was implemented by the United Nations and is a day for spreading environmental awareness. Each year a different theme is chosen to focus on and a different city is chosen to host the events. At Airfree, we are always striving to find ways to make your environment […]

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