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Tips to breathe easier during wildfire season

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Wildfires are events that create a serious impact on the environment and the respiratory health of many, especially for those suffering from chronic respiratory issues.

California is in the middle of a wildfire crisis as at present there are nearly 17 major wildfires burning throughout the state. That’s why we are here with the tips to breathe better air.

We are hitting the peak of fire season, and it is reported that already this year has seen millions of acres of land and thousands of structures destroyed.

These unfortunate events are causing residents to flee from their homes and lose everything ultimately forcing them to start over.

It is also reported that smoke from the wildfires now affects three-quarters of the state.

The situation is creating a serious impact on our environment, affecting wildlife, flora, and soil.

 The fires also produce heavy pollution; sending millions of gases into our atmosphere and creating a very serious impact on our health,

The most vulnerable groups are children, the elderly, cardiovascular patients, those suffering from respiratory diseases as well as those who are on the ground helping to combat.

The effects of these fires on the respiratory health of the populations are very penalizing, causing inflammatory processes of the whole airway, bronchial and pulmonary infections and decompensation of pre-existing respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD, and others).

Particularly affected are patients with chronic respiratory failure.

Thus, all those who breathe polluted air from wildfires (rich in carbon oxides, sulfur and nitrogen, volatile organic compounds and respirable particles), but especially those suffering from respiratory diseases, should take the following precautionary steps:

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