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Tips to keep you safe at work following a lockdown

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Returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown promises adjustments for employers and employees. Therefore, interrupted businesses that wish to resume normal activities need COVID-19 preparedness and response plans that include the following:

Further, OSHA guidelines provide more specific information on reducing exposure, including the spread of the virus by asymptomatic workers.

Have Employees Return in Phases

According to WedMD, the following steps can help businesses open their doors in a phased manner to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19:

Although hand and respiratory hygiene are paramount, too many employers are not doing enough to preserve indoor air quality.

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Preserve Indoor Air Quality

Preserving indoor air quality against common infections and viruses involves taking additional precautions, just as hand hygiene and social distancing help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms that can lead to pneumonia, complications and even death.

Additionally, coronavirus spreads through bodily fluids and from direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

Airfree TSS Technology

Airfree reduces the level of microorganisms in an enclosed workplace. Although the company can’t guarantee that all microorganisms will be killed by its products, its air purifiers significantly improve indoor air cleanliness. Airfree purifiers use high temperature to denature proteins in viruses and other microorganisms.

Examples of viruses killed by heat exposure include:

Airfree’s internal temperature reaches temperatures of 400º F.

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

The World Health Organization recommends taking the following precautions to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission:

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality After the Lockdown

Luckily, you can improve air quality and improve employees’ health in the office or at your retail store. Here are easy solutions to create a healthier business environment:

By making and following solid policies, you can significantly decrease the risk of your employees getting sick and spreading the coronavirus.

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