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The average American plans to spend at least $400 when they’re shopping during Black Friday. Known as one of the most significant events of the year, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t at least make one purchase during Black Friday.

When you’re looking to score some great deals and discounts on premium products, you must plan beforehand. Not planning out your Black Friday shopping may end up with you spending more money than needed. Beginning with discounts that weren’t that great.

Origin of Black Friday

Before planning out your shopping for this particular day, you have to know why and how Black Friday originated. You’d be surprised to know that the earliest evidence of the term ‘Black Friday’ was actually in 1961 in Philadelphia. It was used to describe the heavy traffic on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

It was then used to describe the phenomenon in which workers would call sick the day after Thanksgiving. This, just to have a four-day weekend (as Thanksgiving was on a Thursday in 1951).

In 1975, the term started being used to denote the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year by The New York Times. The phrase started being used more commonly after the 1980s by merchants and traders who wanted to highlight their sales and discounts during this time.

How to Find Great Deals and Discounts

Whether you’re planning on buying air purifiers or anything else this Thanksgiving. It’s better to know where and when you can find great deals and discounts to save money.

Many stores and websites start their sales early so consumers can have a chance to get deals before. The Black Friday shopping frenzy starts. For example, on Airfree, you can buy most of our air purifiers Lotus and P2000 for reduced prices.

Save More by Shopping Smartly

If you’re planning to buy some items that can enhance the safety of your home pay attention to this. Getting a device that can eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria like an air purifier is ideal.

Black Friday is the perfect time to get discounts and savings on items you wouldn’t normally consider purchasing due to the high price. But it can also become more affordable for your wallet because of the price reduction.

On average, consumers can save up to 40% when they’re shopping during Black Friday. You can scout ahead and research online about what kind of discounts retailers offer to find the most value for your money on an actual day.

Find Great Deals on Air Purifiers

When you’re planning on buying air purifiers during the crazy sale bonanza, you need to know where you can score the best deals. Lucky for you, on Airfree, we offer multi-packs and discounted prices on most, if not all, of our products.

Airfree has been proven to destroy the COVID-19 virus through its technology. So, when you want to ensure the safety of your household there’s nothing better than getting an Airfree purifier.

Plan ahead when you’re planning on shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving to get the best deals and discounts on all types of products. When you’re a savvy shopper, you can save more than the average American and be the first one in line for all the great deals offered!


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