Pets and Allergies: Creating a Healthier Environment

Pets and Allergies

Our beloved pets bring joy, companionship, and love into our lives, but sometimes, the proteins found in pet dander, saliva, and urine from dogs, cats, birds, and even rodents can trigger allergies.

The goal is to create a healthier environment for humans and their cherished animal companions. Some air purifiers can effectively capture and eliminate these allergens.

Common Allergies Triggered by Pets

Pet allergies affect millions worldwide, making them a prevalent health concern. These allergies typically manifest as sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing, and skin irritations, all of which can significantly diminish the quality of life for pet owners.

Can Air Purifiers Be the Solution?

Air purifiers equipped with advanced filtration technologies, or those that destroy allergens instead, have become indispensable for pet owners affected by allergies.

Understanding Air Purification Technologies

To fully grasp the benefits of air purifiers in homes with pets, it’s essential to understand the various purification technologies available:

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters): Highly effective at capturing tiny particles, including pet allergens. However, they are often noisy and require expensive filter replacements 2 to 4 times a year.

Thermodynamic Sterilization System (TSS): This innovative system destroys microorganisms at 400°F, making it highly efficient at eliminating allergens without emitting heat into the room. It operates silently and requires no maintenance.

Ionizers: These devices charge particles to attract them to surfaces but are not recommended due to potential health concerns.

Regardless of the technology chosen, it’s crucial to consider the yearly maintenance costs, such as filter replacements.

Air Purifiers for All Room Sizes

Air purifiers are available for all room spaces, whether you reside in a small apartment or a spacious house. Additionally, some models are compact and portable.

Airfree Technologies: A Unique Approach

Before discussing the benefits of using Airfree air purifiers in homes with pets, it’s essential to address some key considerations regarding the technology.

Airfree air purifiers distinguish themselves from traditional air filters by relying on their patented Thermodynamic Sterilization System (TSS) technology to clean the air from allergens, mold, viruses, and bacteria.

This unique approach differentiates them from conventional filters using HEPA technology or activated carbon to capture particles and odors.

Numerous independent biology labs have confirmed Airfree’s efficiency in destroying mold, bacteria, and viruses. You can review these tests at:

For particles and odors, Airfree offers Hybrid models with an exclusive capsule system designed to capture odors, traffic and industrial pollution, smoke, and VOCs. These capsules are used only when necessary or automatically in the top models.

Pets love Airfree for its silent operation, and owners appreciate the lack of maintenance required.


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