Wholesale Air Purifiers: Where Can I Buy Airfree Purifiers?

what does an air purifier do

Are you a reseller of devices like air conditioners, humidifiers, and air purifiers? Perhaps your clients are looking at investing in home improvements and they’ll head to places like Lowe’s or Home Depot, but you want your customers to get the best bang for their buck, right?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you! When you think about a home air purifier, it sometimes pays to be more flexible about where you think you’ll find the best fit.

This is especially true because, as a reseller, you need to give your clients the best service possible. And you have to do this while knowing that you’re getting the best deals you can for your business. It can be overwhelming. Well, it doesn’t have to be!

We’re here with a quick guide and reference so that you know what your options are for good deals for both you and your clients. Keep reading to find out where you can get Airfree purifiers.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

While air purifiers are supposed to neutralize and cleanse pollution, their effectiveness varies depending on the type. Because not all air purifiers can remove all allergens, it’s crucial to read the product description to ensure the air purifier has been through a series of efficiency tests. 

For example, can the air purifier:

  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Eliminate viruses and bacteria
  • Get rid of organic odors
  • Pet dander and allergens
  • Dust mites and dust mite remains

Airfree purifiers use the same concept as boiling water, so we heat the air to 400°F inside the ceramic core, which is the ideal heat to sterilize and purify the air. The purified air is then cooled and released back out into the room. 

This helps remove allergens, mold, and mildew, and is excellent for eliminating viruses and bacteria from the air.


Why Stock Air Purifiers?

Airfree purifiers can remove massive amounts of harmful contaminants like bacteria, mold, and odors. This is especially ideal for your customers who suffer from regular flu and colds or have lingering odors in their homes. It’s particularly good at removing organic substances from the air.

We use incredibly hot air to destroy airborne allergens and contaminants, which is fantastic for people living with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions or for anyone who just wants more breathable, cleaner air. This is what it can do for your customers: 

  • Help eliminate  main asthma triggers
  • Help eliminate microorganisms that cause allergies and hay fever 
  • Help eliminate microorganisms that cause the flu and seasonal colds

It’s well worth stocking wholesale Airfree purifiers since we have tested them in a handful of world-renowned institutes and laboratories. They are also low on energy consumption, require no maintenance, and don’t release ozone or ions into the air. 

Here’s how you can get your hands on a wholesale air purifier for the home.

Affiliate With a Supplier

So now that we’ve answered the question, “what does an air purifier do?” it’s likely clear that you want to get the best air purifiers into your portfolio of products. One of the best ways to go about this is with a supplier like us here at Airfree. 

Becoming a dealer may involve some hard work, and it could take some time and dedication to build a relationship between your clients and suppliers. However, once you start, you’ll quickly see that there is no doubt that it can improve business for everyone involved.

In this age especially, being a dealer comes with ample space and opportunity. The internet and new media make it super easy to broaden your scope and distribute our products to as many customers as possible.

Dealers in China

Ironically, with the advent of the internet and a massive broadening of information, the world got smaller. Right?

With just a few clicks of a button, you’ll find yourself in touch with a supplier dealer who sells white-label air purifiers. You can use these suppliers and start your brand, but at what cost? 

Doing this means you need to have guides and standards in place so you can sell them in the US. This is undoubtedly going to come with a lot of bookkeeping, financial reports, taxes, and complicated logistics.

The list goes on. And yes, it is an option for some. It’s just not nearly as inviting as some of our other options, is it?

Direct Sales

Our last suggestion is direct sales, representing a manufacturing company. When you work this way, you just need to get in touch with a manufacturer (like Airfree) and work out a deal. They already have proven products and are willing to expand, and it saves you the headache of doing all the legwork yourself. 

This method means you’re like an on-demand distributor, meaning you won’t need large warehouses or storage facilities, and you can sell directly to the customer as needed. 

This is, without a doubt, a much cheaper option with significantly less friction, though it is important to note that there may be a bit of extra time on the delivery side, since it’s coming from us, to you, to the customer. If they’re happy to wait (and most are), then that’s the ideal solution.

Pure Air in Bulk

Every option has its advantages and potential pitfalls, and we can’t decide for you. We aimed to merely educate you about your options, and there are many!

By far the easiest is direct sales, but that isn’t possible for everyone. At the end of the day, you just need to be aware of all the factors and break down what you’re willing to put towards the endeavor. 

Come see what we have for sale, we’re sure that’ll solidify your decision about air purifiers.


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