Breathe easy at sea

Basements and bathrooms are not the only places where musty smells can develop. Boats are also likely to develop stale air, particularly in the hull and cabin areas. Molds, mildew and bacteria  develop in the dark, enclosed areas.

The presence of moisture amplifies these pollutants. Be sure that even small leaks are bost2properly sealed as warm temperatures and dampness can cause mold and some bacteria to increase. Marine environments can cause an entire slew of new microbials that you may not be used to dealing with in your own home.

It can be difficult to enjoy your time at sea when you cannot breathe the air comfortably. With no maintenance and low electric consumption, Airfree provides a comfortable indoor environment in any area. Poorly maintained air quality in boats and yachts may possibly result in a syndrome known as Sick Yacht Syndrome (SYS) or Sick Boat Syndrome (SBS). Common symptoms of this syndrome are sore throat and eyes, headaches, coughing, wheezing, itching, nausea, and fatigue.

airfre p1000Airfree air purifiers can prove an average mold reduction of ninety percent in real environments with people coming in and going out. The dark, damp environments of boats provides a breeding ground for diseases and allergens you may not confront on a regular basis in a home or office. Protect the air you breathe with Airfree!


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