Ever want to know if you have an allergy related disease?


Have you ever want to know if you have any allergy related disease?

Try answering the following questions to get an idea: allergy related disease

  1. Have you noticed in the past six months, symptoms such as sneezing, nasal and sinus obstruction, or a runny nose?
  2. During these six months, have your nasal symptoms been followed by itchy and watery eyes?
  3. For the past twelve months have you had nasal secretions followed by jawbone and frontal headache?
  4. Have you ever had trouble breathing during the past twelve months, despite not having a cold?
  5. Have you ever experienced breathlessness with associated wheezing or whistling noise when you breathe?

Answering yes to either or both of the first two questions may indicate that you have respiratory symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis.

Answering yes to the third question may indicate that you have sinusitis carrier.

However, answering yes to either or both of the last two questions may indicate that you have asthma.

allergy related disease

This is not intended to give a medical diagnosis, only to help you understand what you may have, we insist that if you have questions about symptoms you are experiencing you should consult your physician.

Allergic rhinitis is characterized by nasal inflammation after exposure to the allergens. On the other hand, asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that leads to the obstruction of the respiratory airways. Studies demonstrate that allergic rhinitis usually precedes asthma. About 38% of people who have rhinitis also suffer from asthma.

There are four main airborne allergy triggers: dust mites, mold, pet dander and pollen. During this time of year, pollen is extremely common. Pollen is lightweight and disperses itself through the air. When inhaled, it can deposit on the nasal mucus, and the existing proteins of the grains, called allergens, may trigger allergic reactions.

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