Classroom Mayhem

School age kids have a lot of energy and the mayhem returns to the classroom with them. But the noise level is not the only thing that returns to school, so do the germs they have and viruses they carry. Sick days add up fast and missing class can make it difficult for pollen2students and teachers to stay on track. It is not uncommon for portions of classrooms to be out at once. Teachers are forced to reiterate material multiple times stressing out students that were out sick and boring healthy students that were there.

Cleaning surfaces is important but many illnesses are airborne. Keeping your air sterilized is extremely important in a classroom environment. Airfree’s line of air purifiers take in the germ-ridden air and use just heat TSS technology to destroy and incinerate airborne microorganisms. There is not fiber glass filters, triclosan-coated paper or any kind of material with this exclusive technology. Those materials can be harmful to those operating or disposing of them. This technology is the only one that reduces ozone while destroying microorganism.

Airfree’s size and no-maintenance style is perfect for any classroom. Airfree only consumes as much electricity as a 50W light bulb and only requires an electric outlet. There is no special cleaning or filters needed to keep it running at top quality. Be sure to clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched on a daily basis to ensure the best protection.



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