Fireworks create loud noise and flashes of colorful light the fill the sky. But that’s not all.branco da extravagc3a2ncia dos fogos de artifc3adcio 4978904 0006 layer 7 Fireworks also create soot, ash, smoke, and metals. These not only cause detriment to your environment but also your health. These health problems can occur in those with existing respiratory problems, the elderly and young children.

In order to avoid irritation or inhaling particles created by fireworks be sure to stay a safe distance away. Attending events where the lighting of fireworks is overseen by a fire department is a far better choice than lighting your own as the firefighters can wear equipment that keeps them from inhaling smoke and other potentially hazardous materials. In certain areas around the country, air quality is already a problem. The added pollutants from fireworks can make what is already deprived air and make it unbearable. This particularly pertains to allergy and asthma sufferers.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Brightly colored fireworks that light up the night sky are undeniably beautiful and an exciting summer event for families of all ages. It is important to be aware of the consequential results to the air after the fun is over. Awareness can keep you, your loved ones and your neighbors breathing easier all summer long.



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